If Our Walls Could Talk Series: Object #7 Scottish Man

If Our Walls Could Talk Series: Object #7 Scottish Man: This is one of a few figurines on the bookcase that is not a souvenir from my travels. It was actually a gift from my best friend Linda from her trip to Scotland several years ago. Linda and I have been friends for over 42 years. We met in a grocery store after 10 o’clock one Friday night with our husbands and very brand new first babies. We also had both newly moved onto the same street in the Blossom Valley of San Jose and, coincidentally, Linda’s husband was the new dentist my husband Tom and I had visited for the first time just that week. Over the years, Linda and I have stayed close although our families moved before long to different areas in the valley, me to Los Gatos and Linda first to the Almaden Valley and later to the Silver Creek area of San Jose.   We have shared many family vacations and all of the important family and personal events and achievements of our lives – both the joyous times and the hard times. She is someone to whom I can tell my deepest and most personal secrets and can count on to “be there” if I need her, as I am there for her. Linda, if you read this, I love you my friend.

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