If Our Walls Could Talk Series: Object #6 Guitar Man from Argentina

This figurine is a souvenir of my trips to Argentina. Yes, “trips!” I have been there twice, first was in 2000 with my husband Tom and daughter Lara when we went to the Rotary International Conference in Buenos Aires. On the way to Argentina that time, we also visited Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Some of my favorite memories from that trip to Argentina were our visit to a nearby Gaucho Ranch for a show and BBQ (where I had my first–and last!–piece of blood sausage), our walk through the Caminito in the colorful La Boca neighborhood, and the tango performance we attended in the San Telmo district of the city. In 2010, I returned to Argentina with my best friend Linda, her daughter Sue and friend Jan. The highlights of that trip for me were our visit to the Bodego and Estancia Colomé winery in the Calchaqui Valley of northern Argentina, featuring the highest vineyard in the world and the James Tyrrell (artist of light) museum, and a visit to Argentina’s majestic Iguazu Falls that rival our own country’s Niagara Falls. Although, I admit that I can’t now remember which trip it was that I found the little figurine of a Gaucho guitar player, it doesn’t matter that I don’t since both trips were amazing experiences that I will treasure the memories of forever.

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